we are different

we don't swimm with the swarm

we are rockstars

thinking in decentrilized nodes

We are looking for exceptional founders who want to rule the world... or at least change it!
BLOCKCHANCE Ventures provides you with everything you need to focus on developing your company and product.
Investment Focus
Where we invest

BLOCKCHANCE Ventures invests in blockchain start-ups that are present in markets and industries where we believe valuations will be multiples of what they are right now within the next six years. We are investing in companies that range in their maturity from early stage angel investments to seed investment and series A co-investments.


We are Investing in Companies & People that...



solve a problem for their customers or individuals at home.



must use blockchain and/or AI technology as part of their solution.



have a German presence or be willing to set up a presence in Hamburg, Germany.


and goal-orientated

Build with Love

and love what they do


or are at least be willing to


and never give up

Taking you to the next level

The BLOCKCHANCE Ventures fund will invest in 10 selected portfolio companies over 4.5 years.

Each portfolio company will have at least a one-year access to the BLOCKCHANCE Hub providing you with office space, infrastructure and all community benefits the blockchain community and our accelerator have to offer. Once you have taken part in our acceleration fund program, your company should be ready to raise the next investment round.

We have been in your shoes

Not too long ago, we were founder of several startups ourselves. We know, how exciting but also disappointing starting a venture can be. There is not one case where a company is only growing and succeeding, there are always ups and downs. We will be there for you in any situation.

Fabian Friedrich

Co-Founder & Managing Director at BLOCKCHANCE Ventures